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Find information and access official electronic copies of title deeds and documents for over 28 million properties in England, Wales & Scotland. Land Registry UK is neither owned or operated by the UK Government.

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Deeds - Title Register

The Title Register provides all the official particulars relating to ownership of a property, a physical description of the property and restrictive covenants in a written form.

Deeds - Title Plan

The Title Plan provides a visual representation and identifies the extent of the land in a registered title. It may also contain other plan references, which will help you identify other parts of the land.

Conveyancing Pack

The pack contains all available; Lease Deeds, Transfer Deeds, Conveyancing Deeds and Charge (Mortgage) documents available for the selected property or land.

Access Land Registry

Our online Land Registry services are available 24/7, open for use by commercial, public organisations and general members of the public. Request property title & land title deeds online via Land Registry UK. It's quick and easy to obtain land deed information via our site. Select the property title deeds that you require by entering the property details that you wish for us to search the land registry for. The electronic copies of the title deed documents are sent to you via email as a same-day service.

You can obtain copies of the Land Registry Title Register and Title Plan via our site, providing you with details and documents regarding property boundaries, details of the owners, a physical description of the property and details such as restrictive covenants and easements.

What Are Title Documents

The Title Plan may show features (such as parts of the land coloured differently, or edged in various colours) with no explanation on the plan itself, it is therefore often difficult to determine the full extent of the Title deeds. These features will always be explained in the Title Register document.

Such features would usually relate to areas over which the property has a right of way, or areas of land that may have been removed from the Title Plan. We would, therefore, recommend that you purchase the Title Plan & Register at the same time.

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Deeds - Title Register Documents

The Title Register contains details such as the name and address of the owner, a physical description of the property, mortgages, and charges, restrictive covenants and easements such as rights of way and rights of light. We would always recommend purchasing both the Title Register and the Title Plan documents.

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Deeds - Title Plan Documents

The Title Plan supports the property description, which is highlighted in the Title Register. The Title plan provides a visual representation and identifies the extent of the land in a registered title. You may see the Title Plan being referenced as a "filed plan", this is what it was previously known as. Not only does the Title Plan show the land in a specific registered title, it may also contain other plan references, which will help you identify other parts of the land or adjoining land affected by entries in the register. These can be things such as easements, covenants or areas of land which may have been removed from the title.

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All replies to my emails were helpful and extremely prompt. Such a high level of service is vanishingly rare these days and was much appreciated.
Linda, UK
Both the online email person/s and the actual mapping strategies worked well together to find the address I needed, without knowing the address. They stayed with me, ‘til I confirmed the location in question was correct for their registered owner search. Very patient people. Thanked them for offering even more apparently relevant info, regarding the location in question. Magic.
Anonymous, UK
super speedy service!
Sara, UK
Had a response within a few minutes and rectified a slight issue immediately. Great service out of routine working hours.
Richard, UK
Brilliant service - better than anything in last few years - either private or public sector
Anonymous, UK

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